Stomping Ivories Concert

Friday 27 September 2019


If you’ve seen them before, you’ll want to see them again. And if you haven’t had the pleasure, you’re in for a treat!

Greg Agar, Hugh Murray and Murray Sheridan are the Stomping Ivories. Now touring the world with two grand pianos and a drum kit!

From Gershwin to Gaga, and all musical stops between. With rock'n'roll verve, they deftly weave the hits songs of all eras, creating intimate spaces where audiences can't help but sing along. At ease with the honky-tonk of Elton John, the rock of AC/DC or Queen, from Mancini to Madonna, and the swingin' class of Frank Sinatra and the late Ella, their roguish spontaneity is a guarantee for one-off memorable moments every time they step on stage.

For one night only at the National Cartoon Gallery. Not to be missed. Limited seating. Cash bar available. Book now!

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