Dump Beach


This is a fairly unremarkable stretch of sand linking the south end of Pippi Beach (Flat Rock) with Angourie’s cluster of gems.

Named after a nearby (and long ago reclaimed) rubbish dump, Dump Beach is accessible by either walking south from Pippi, walking north from Angourie’s Green Point, or via a small blink-and-you’ll-miss-it roadside carpark two-thirds up Angourie Road.

It’s most popular with dog lovers: this is the place your hound can run around and no-one will get upset – because they’ve probably got their pooch with them too.

Indeed, according to the dozen wildly enthusiastic leash-free canines they spoke to, Dump Beach was clearly the “greatest place on earth to run around and "chase and sniff things”.

Not patrolled, relatively remote, and with a deep gutter often just beyond the shore break, this is not a place to swim or take lightly.

This is how it is with Clarence Valley beaches: A beautiful beach such as this is dismissed as merely “good for pooches” … How spoiled are they?

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