Fishing on Lord Howe Island

With no commercial fishing allowed in the marine park surrounding the island and a diverse range of species living in the area, Lord Howe Island is an angler’s paradise. Home to the world's southernmost coral reef, you’ll find kingfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and marlin in the crystal clear waters.

Fishing tours

A great way to discover the best fishing spots around Lord Howe Island is with a local tour guide. A range of fishing tours is available, from deep-sea charters and big game fishing to casting a line in the crystal-clear lagoon. The tour operators will provide all the necessary equipment to catch your dream fish.

Friends enjoying a day out in the ocean deep sea fishing off Lord Howe Island

Where to fish on Lord Howe Island 

The waters around Ball’s Pyramid, the world’s tallest sea stack at 551 metres, are ideal for hooking kingfish, tuna and wahoo, one of the fastest fish in the sea. The white sands of Blinky Beach make a lovely location for beach fishing and rock platforms near North Bay on the main island are good for catching kingfish and silver trevally.

The abundance of large pelagic fish is a drawcard for recreational anglers from around the world and you’ll find opportunities to catch big game fish just a half-hour boat ride from the island. Hire fishing equipment from Thompson's Store and drop a line in from the jetty, with the famous twin peaks as the jagged backdrop.

Balls Pyramid, the tallest volcanic stack in the world, Lord Howe Island

Sustainable Fishing

Spearfishing is banned in the UNESCO World Heritage island group and there are special sanctuary zones in the marine park where recreational fishing is not permitted, so check before you cast a line. Bag limits apply on certain species and the island encourages a catch-and-release policy in line with its sustainable fishing guidelines.

Please read these fishing safety tips carefully before your fishing adventure. If you’re planning to go rock fishing, always wear a life jacket and never fish alone.

Fishing Safety Widget

Fishing Safety

By law, you are required to wear a life jacket or buoyancy vest while rock fishing in some areas of NSW, and it is recommended that you wear a buoyancy vest for lake, river and sea fishing. Please see the Water Safety NSW website for more details.

Please consider the following safety tips when fishing:

  • Choose a safe place where there are no hazards
  • Be very careful when walking on rocks as they can be slippery, and rogue waves can be unpredictable.
  • Never fish alone and always watch the waves
  • Be aware of the tides and weather
  • Wear appropriate footwear, clothing and head protection.
  • Carry a float and line to help anyone washed in

Follow these additional safety tips at all times when rock fishing:

  • Never turn your back on the sea or ocean
  • Tell family or friends of your plans
  • Always spend time watching the conditions before fishing, and scan for changing conditions.
  • Check tides, swell and weather conditions before setting out and never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas.
  • Carry safety gear such as ropes, a float and torches.
  • Note the location of and access to life buoys where they are present
  • Plan an escape route in case you're washed in
  • Don't put yourself at risk if someone else is washed into the water
  • Carry a mobile phone

Visit the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW website for more information on staying safe while fishing.

Lord Howe Island fishing experiences