Walls of China Viewing Platform


You've seen it on a postcard, now come and see it for real. One of the most iconic views in Outback NSW, Walls of China viewing platform is the first stop on the Mungo Self-guided Drive tour of Mungo National Park. Located west of the Mungo Visitor Centre, the wheelchair-accessible lookout offers magnificent views across the famous World Heritage Willandra Lakes region.

A magnificent sight at sunrise or sunset, gaze across at the dramatic formations sculpted by wind and erosion. It’s not just the scenic desert views that will take your breath away; these lunettes harbour vital clues to the evolution of life on earth.

Imbedded deep within the ancient lakebeds, historic relics of early Aboriginal culture have been discovered, believed to be over 36,000 years old. Close your eyes and imagine a fertile land fed by vast lakes, where wombats the size of buffalos grazed during the last ice age.

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