Fitzroy Falls

Discover the beauty and grandeur of the Fitzroy Falls, a waterfall that drops more than 80 metres in the Morton National Park. Getting to this spectacular attraction in the beautiful Southern Highlands is easy: the falls are two hours’ drive from Sydney or Canberra and 60 minutes from Wollongong.

You’ll find plenty of parking at the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, which has a cafe, souvenir shop and information on local Aboriginal history and wildlife in the park. A short wheelchair-accessible boardwalk links the visitor centre to the falls, where views of the natural wonders are breathtaking.

Fitzroy Falls - Southern Highlands

Among the other delightful things to do at Fitzroy Falls is exploring the enchanting wilderness on well-marked walking trails. The East Rim and Wildflower walking track will take you to lookouts with magnificent views. The West Rim track offers more wonderful vistas of gorges and waterfalls.

Enjoy sweeping views across Kangaroo Valley at Manning lookout. Cycling is popular, too. Navigate the riding trails along the Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley cycling route, a 30 km journey to the charming village in Kangaroo Valley. Keep an eye out for wallabies, kangaroos and myriad birdlife.

Fitzroy Falls East Rim Wildflower Walk, Southern Highlands

The picturesque hamlet of Fitzroy Falls contains a few dozen homes surrounded by rich farmland. You can stay at the Twin Falls Bush Cottages or in neighbouring Bowral, Bundanoon and Robertson, all perfect for enjoying the region’s delicious food and wine experiences and its fascinating heritage.


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