Barokee to Native Dog Creek walk


Barokee to Native Dog Creek walk links Cathedral Rock National Park’s two campgrounds and takes in Woolpack Rocks and Cathedral Rock. The track follows the Snowy Range and is a moderate grade apart from when you climb the rock features.
The track passes through subalpine woodland, open forest, heath and boulder fields. For birdwatchers there is no better track; woodland birds are plentiful here and you’re likely to see honeyeaters, pardalotes, robins, treekeepers, rosellas and lorikeets. Wedge-tailed eagles often circle the granite tors. Be sure to bring your binoculars.
There are a number of options for tackling this track, which can be started from either Barokee campground or Native Dog campground. You might leave your vehicle at one end then camp the night at the other and retrace your steps the next day, car shuffle for a one-way day walk, or hike the return 20.8 kilometres in one go.

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