Capertee Woolshed ruins


When spending time in Capertee National Park, remember to visit Capertee Woolshed ruins while you’re there. On the river flat below Capertee Homestead – ‘Port Macquarie’, these ruins are one of the surviving remnants of the area’s pastoral history. Try to imagine it back then, especially during shearing time, with the dusty air filled with the sounds of men’s voices and the bleating of sheep.

Pack a picnic lunch, and take your family along in the car and make a day of it, because there are plenty of other things to do in this section of Capertee, such as swimming in the river or hiking along Capertee trail. If you want to extend your visit then you also have the option to stay overnight at Capertee campground. Enjoy seeing the resident kangaroos grazing in this area. There’s also abundant birdlife in the park, so bring your binoculars along and keep them handy for a spot of birdwatching.

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