Where you can view the most stunning sunrises & sunsets in NSW

Sunrise and sunset hunters take note – these are the best locations in NSW to watch this awesome moment (and be the envy of all your Instagram followers).

Destination NSW

Destination NSW

Jan 2022 -
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Occasionally, it’s easy to forget the sheer brilliance of a sunrise or sunset. When you don’t make a point to watch these daily events they can just slide by, unnoticed and unappreciated. The beginning and the end of each day is the perfect time to pause and reflect and appreciate the sheer magnificence of Mother Nature.

These are some of NSW’s best places to witness one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Caves Beach, Lake Macquarie

Caves Beach is a beautiful spot to spend a few hours at any time of day. Situated on a long finger of land that separates Lake Macquarie from the Pacific Ocean, the beach is famous for the network of sea caves that can be explored at low tide. And if that low tide coincides with the beginning of the day, be sure to take a camera: between the reflective rockpools, the riotously coloured sky and the caves that will frame your pictures, this site is a sunrise photographer’s dream.

Sunrise from Caves Beach, Lake Macquarie

Caves Beach, Lake Macquarie

Lord Howe Island

There are all sorts of reasons to jump on a boat and go for a cruise off Lord Howe Island (located 600km off the NSW coast): to go snorkelling on a pristine reef, to snag a secluded spot for a beachside picnic, and to witness the magnificence of sunset from the water. Join a sunset cruise here and you will be able to enjoy Lord Howe in its best light. Awesome.

Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower - Lord Howe Island

Mount Lidgbird & Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island

Mundi Mundi Plains, Silverton

There’s an otherworldly feel to Mundi Mundi Plains, a vast expanse of land near Broken Hill in far western NSW. The plains just seem to go on forever, making you feel like you’re on the edge of the planet. And at sunset, when the barren plains are blessed with pastel hues, the silence and beauty of the desert become almost overwhelming.

Sun rising over the Mundi Mundi Plains near Silverton, Broken Hill

Mundi Mundi Plains, Silverton

Megalong Valley

Stand at Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, staring out across the rich green expanse of rocky cliffs and eucalypt forests that makes up the Megalong Valley, and you’ll enjoy one of the finest sights in the state. Throw in the setting sun, which dips below the trees at the end of the valley and turns the sky all shades of red and blue, and you’ll discover true perfection.

Sun setting over Narrow Neck, Katoomba in the World-Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park

Narrow Neck, Blue Mountains

Sydney Harbour

There are a million little nooks and crannies to explore on Sydney Harbour, tiny inlets and rocky crags that you can only find in something as versatile as a sea kayak. And there’s no better time to discover them than on a dawn kayak tour when the water is calm, the traffic light, the city just starting to come to life – and the rising sun throwing a magical light over it all.

sunrise over Circular Quay

Sunrise over Circular Quay

Bondi Beach

Join the surfers, dog walkers and joggers in the early hours at Bondi to watch the sun rise almost directly above the iconic beach and light up the ocean. Depending on the time of year, take it in from Bondi Icebergs or from Ben Buckler Point on the northern end. Bring your swimmers so you can take a dip afterwards. Feeling energetic? Tackle the glorious Bondi to Coogee Walk for more epic views.

Bondi Beach Sunrise - Sydney

Sunrise over Bondi Beach, Sydney

Byron Bay

There’s something very special about viewing the rising sun from Cape Byron, the Australian mainland’s most easterly point. Depending on the season you may not be the first person in the country to see the sun crack the horizon, but with the gorgeous coastline laid out on either side of you and the sky blushing with pastel beauty, that shouldn’t matter. 

Cape Byron Lighthouse - Byron Bay - North Coast

Cape Byron, Byron Bay 


Join a lucky group of skiers and snowboarders on a Sunrise Session at Thredbo, heading up to one of Australia’s highest points to watch the sun coming up over the mountains. You’ll find the unique silence and crispness of an alpine sunrise very special indeed.  

Sunrise in Thredbo, Snowy Mountains

Sunrise in Thredbo, Snowy Mountains - Credit: Thredbo

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