Three Blue Ducks Episode 3: Sapphire Coast

Three Blue Ducks visit the Sapphire Coast

The team behind the Three Blue Ducks restaurant empire is hitting the road. Head chefs Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy join Masterchef judge and restaurant co-owner Andy Allen to travel around NSW meeting local farmers, fishers and makers, and cooking up a storm with their top-quality produce.


This week, the chefs head to the Sapphire Coast in search of a prized seafood delicacy that will revamp a classic dish. Mark wants to create an indulgent abalone carbonara at Three Blue Ducks Bronte, but not everything goes to plan.

“I really enjoyed the Sapphire Coast element of the trip. Diving for abalone was a bloody good laugh and we put together a bit of a cracking feed on the beach. It was very, very enjoyable.” – Mark La Brooy

Three Blue Ducks - Ep 3 - Mark La Brooy