Wallagoot Lake Picnic Area and Boat Ramp


Wallagoot Lake at Bournda National Park is a playground for watersport enthusiasts and nature-lovers alike. Enjoy sailing, paddling, fishing and birdwatching.

Set up a picnic on the shores of the lake while the kids swim in the protected waters. Launch your vessel from the boat ramp and enjoy waterskiing on the glassy waters, or explore the lake on your sail board or paddle ski.

The lake’s unique aquatic environment is home to a huge diversity of marine life, making it a popular destination for children eager to learn about the ecosystem.

This distinctive waterway also offers excellent fishing and birdwatching. As well as several species of waterfowl, look out for threatened species like the little tern and fairy tern nesting on the foreshores during spring or foraging during summer.

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