Bournda Lagoon


Bournda Lagoon occasionally opens to the ocean but is usually a calm, warm swimming hole. An avenue of paperbarks fringes the lagoon and a cascade of giant honey myrtles grow down to the shore; their flowers perfume the air in spring and add to the beauty of this scenic location. Swans are often seen on the lagoon and sea eagles fly overhead as they hunt along the coastline. Wallabies and kangaroos also enjoy the tranquillity of this idyllic place to picnic.

Only a short walk from the carpark, the lagoon is easily accessible. Sheltered and shallow, it’s a safe environment for children to swim and paddle a canoe to their hearts’ content, so bring the whole family and enjoy a day out. There are also plenty of shady spots for a picnic or just to relax and feel a million miles away from civilisation. Remember to bring along your fishing rod, and when you’ve made the catch of the day, spark up a wood fire barbecue and cook up a feast.

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