Killer Whale Trail


Take a day trip back in time. When boats were made of wood and men were made of steel!

It's a trail rich with whales and tales of adventure.

This self-drive day tour takes you to five historical sites set in breathtaking natural surrounds around Eden on the Sapphire Coast NSW. Gather fresh produce in Eden for an idyllic picnic at Kiah River inlet at Davidsons Whaling Station, or treat yourself to lunch at the Seahorse Inn - it combines beach front dining with Eden's incredible history.

Uncover the dramatic history of whaling from 1828 to1930 and learn about the unique relationship between the mariners and the wild killer whales (orcas).

In spring (September to November) these sites become perfect vantage points to view humpback whales as they migrate close to the coast.

You will find another chapter of the story at each stop. Bring your smartphone to scan the interpretive signs and delve deeper into the story of the Killer Whales of Eden.

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