Bead Shack


They offer a great range of beads, crystals and findings. They also specialise in putting together great instructions and kits so shoppers can grab a quick project - its easy. Expect to find the unusual in a little corner or the amazing hidden away in a jar!

They have lots and lots of beads that are very, very old stock - you won't find them anywhere else in Australia that they know of. Bead Shack guarantee their findings - they won't sell you anything that they wouldn't buy for themselves. You might pay a little more, but you won't be disappointed with the quality, or the service!

Bead Shack has an excellent reputation for workshops at their store in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Off Loom bead weaving, Kumihimo, Bead Stringing, Resin, Polymer Clay, Fibre, Dream Catchers, Macrame, Pot Hangers, Kokedamas and more. They are always widening their range of classes.

They have a dedicated workroom for the kids, with two long tables surrounded by seating. Usually they will choose from a bowl of glitzy beads, or a bowl of wooden type beads, and put together their own creation, with guidance from the team of teachers at Bead Shack.

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