Jervis Bay

Advice for the Christmas Holiday Period

Expect delays and traffic congestion at Hyams Beach this Christmas Holiday Period Friday 22nd December - Wednesday 31st January. We suggest you visit one of the other 15 equally beautiful and less busy White Sand beaches and explore the many options of Shoalhaven beaches on the 100 Beach Challenge.

Traffic Management and Parking Rangers will be enforcing changed road conditions to deal with the high volume of visitors expected. Please carefully plan your journey to Hyams Beach by checking and google maps. The gates of nearby Booderee National Park will likely close along with Hyams Beach so be prepared to make plans to avoid this general area.

Vivid aquamarine waters, a menagerie of wildlife and sand the colour of snow. Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast has it all. Found in the Shoalhaven region, indulge in an assortment of water sports, join dolphin-watching cruises, explore national parks and snorkel with marine life in this coastal paradise. 



Immerse yourself in nature

Jervis Bay is home to two national parks, as well as Jervis Bay Marine Park, a haven for bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, little penguins and sea dragons. In Jervis Bay National Park and Booderee National Park, meet kangaroos and birdlife. Be sure to visit the Aboriginal-owned Booderee Botanic Gardens.

Seal pups basking in the sun in Jervis Bay, South Coast

Seal Pups, Jervis Bay - Credit: Jordan Robins

Murrays Beach is a seaside jewel in Booderee National Park, perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkelling. At the southern tip of Jervis Bay, Cape St George Lighthouse is a great vantage point to spot migrating whales. On the other side of the bay, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse also offers spectacular views. 

Couple enjoying a visit to Blenheim Beach in Jervis Bay, South Coast

Blenheim Beach, Jervis Bay

Uncover coastal towns & villages 

Explore the charming seaside towns and villages scattered around Jervis Bay, from Callala Bay in the north to Huskisson, Vincentia and Hyams Beach at the southern end of the bay. Jervis Bay Village is the southern gateway to Booderee National Park.

Pristine white sands of Greenfield Beach, Vincentia in the state's South Coast

Greenfield Beach, Vincentia

Join dolphin and whale-watching cruises from Huskisson or discover a fascinating underwater world with Dive Jervis Bay and Crest Diving. There are also a number of kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing and fishing tours available. In Vincentia, stroll along the spectacular White Sands Walk.

Bioluminescent algae seen at Plantation Point, Vincentia in Jervis Bay, South Coast

Plantation Point, Vincentia

Where to stay

There are many places to stay in Jervis Bay, with accommodation options ranging from seaside cottages and holiday homes to caravan parks and beachside campgrounds at Green Patch, Bristol Point and Cave Beach.

Couple enjoying a romantic glamping getaway at Paperbark Camp, Woollamia, Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven

Paperbark Camp, Woollamia

Getting there

Located in the Shoalhaven region on the NSW South CoastJervis Bay is less than a three-hour drive from both Sydney and Canberra. Make a road trip of your journey there by driving along the stunning Grand Pacific Drive.


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Jervis Bay FAQs

How far is Jervis Bay from Sydney?

How far is Jervis Bay from Sydney?

Jervis Bay is along the coast 140km from Sydney, although to drive you’ll need to travel almost 200km. The drive takes a little over 3 hours, and there are also bus and train options available.

What is Jervis Bay popular for?

What is Jervis Bay popular for?

Jervis Bay is popular for its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, national parks and wildlife, including whale and dolphin watching. Summer is a great time to visit for a beach holiday, while from May to November whales visit the marine sanctuary. Hyams Beach, on the south side of Jervis Bay, is said to have the whitest sand in the world.

What is there to do in Jervis Bay?
Are there sharks at Jervis Bay?

Are there sharks at Jervis Bay?

There is lots of marine life in the waters off Jervis Bay, including some kinds of shark, but the danger to humans is very small. There has never been a recorded shark attack in the Booderee National Park, which includes Jervis Bay. As an added precaution, check for local shark sightings and pay attention to shark warnings when visiting beaches.

Can you swim in Jervis Bay?

Can you swim in Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is known for its white sandy beaches and is a safe place to swim. The bay is fairly sheltered so there is little swell, making it an ideal spot for a family beach holiday.

Is Jervis Bay NSW or ACT?

Is Jervis Bay NSW or ACT?

Geographically Jervis Bay is a part of the Shoalhaven region on the NSW South Coast. However politically, the south head of the bay (including Jervis Bay village) is technically a part of the ACT and is administered by the ACT government. The Jervis Bay Territory was given to the ACT by NSW in 1915, to give the new territory access to the ocean. Even though it is a separate territory, there are no border controls and you might not even notice you have crossed over.

How do you get to Jervis Bay?

How do you get to Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is approximately 3 hours’ drive from both Sydney and Canberra. You can also travel by train from Sydney, and by bus from either Sydney or Canberra.