Kayaking Batehaven to Mossy Point


A 20 kilometre paddle with options for shorter trips. Launch at Corrigans Beach and follow the coastline south east keeping a safe distance from the rocky cliffs. Follow headlands and sheltered bays to Mosquito Bay with a landing option at the protected boat ramp.

From here conditions are subject to weather and the next stage should only be attempted by experienced groups in kind weather. The paddling becomes more spectacular as you go round Pretty Point and Jimmies Island and there is a sheltered landing point at Guerilla Bay.

The next stage is committing and should only be attempted with the right conditions, group and craft. Burrewarra Point, protected by a lighthouse and high cliffs, has secluded beaches, reefs and islets. Rounding the protruding point is the climax of this journey. As you head west, the mountains and beaches offer protection from northerly weather patterns.
Explore Barlings Island then had to Camel Rock and the entrance of the Tomaga River. The river bar is only navigable in small swell.

A trip of this kind is not to be attempted in rough weather or wind.
Boat ramps, parking and toilets are at Corrigans Beach, Mosquito Bay and Mossy Point.

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