Cobar Caravan Park


COVID 19: Yes, they are open. The NSW and National Industry Associations have been providing excellent updates on their legal requirements. Due to staffing and hygiene requirements, they have closed their Amenity Blocks and Camp Kitchen. They are open to fully self contained caravans and RV's that meet the following legality:

- Permanent Residents of the Caravan Park or Camping Ground
- Other Persons who have no other place of permanent residence, and
- Visitors to these persons

This means that currently any traveller can only stay if their RV/Caravan is their Only home. (this is different to other states so check first).

Additionally, they are not legislated to use their self contained motel suites or cabins for workers or other travellers - again this may change subject to current strong lobbying from the industry - please keep in touch.

Lastly - take care, one and all. Don't drive long distances if you can avoid it. The outback roads can be very dangerous with kangaroo and other wildlife. If unsure or you are experience difficulty, please call them or local police and they will assist.

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