Famous for its role in silver mining history and on the silver screen, the historic town of Silverton perfectly captures the charm of the outback while feeling instantly recognisable – possibly because it has starred in many iconic Australian films. Discover a colourful past as you explore the museums and chat with local artists. 

Silverton highlights


Outback history 

Silverton is home to impressive colonial buildings, including the Silverton Gaol Museum, where you’ll find collections of photographs, household items, and mining and medical equipment – including a ‘coroner’s bath’, where bodies were once preserved before the arrival of the Sydney coroner. 

Take a guided underground tour through a former silver mine at Historic Daydream Mine, and get an insight into the harsh realities of mining a century ago. The mine opened in 1882 and operated for almost a century, employing close to 200 people at its peak, some as young as eight. 


Museums & galleries 

The Mad Max 2 Museum is a tribute to the movie Mad Max 2, showcasing a huge display of props, life-size characters and photographs from the film. Learn about the movie’s impact on Silverton, and see original and replica costumes and action vehicles, including two Interceptors. 

Mad Max 2 Museum, Silverton

Mad Max 2 Museum, Silverton

Stop for a drink or a meal at The Original Silverton Hotel, where you can see a display of photographs from movies shot in the area including Razorback, Mission Impossible II, Mad Max 2 and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This classic outback pub has enjoyed a starring role in several of these movies. 

Couple with a local donkey outside the Silverton Hotel at Silverton in Broken Hill, Outback

Silverton Hotel, Silverton

You’ll discover plenty of vibrant art all around town. Look for the murals and the painted VW Beetle outside the John Dynon Art Gallery, where the artist himself can often be found working. Pick up works from local artists at Cowz Art Gallery, The Horizon Gallery and Silverton Photography. 


Mundi Mundi Plains 

Just outside of Silverton are the Mundi Mundi Plains, where iconic scenes from Mad Max 2 were filmed. Walk to the top of the lookout and see the vast plains stretch out as far as the eye can see for hundreds of kilometres. The view is so clear you can even see the curvature of the earth. It’s particularly spectacular at sunset. 

Sun rising over the Mundi Mundi Plains near Silverton, Broken Hill

Mundi Mundi Plains, Silverton

Where to eat & stay 

If you fancy grabbing some lunch or a fresh barista-made coffee (and a milkshake for the little ones!), the Silverton Bakery is a local favourite. Pies, cakes, pastries, bread and biscuits are baked on site, and the tables enjoy a fantastic view of the town. 

Silverton Bakery - Credit: Naomi Schmidt

Silverton Bakery - Credit: Naomi Schmidt

If you want to stay the night, book in to the Silverton Hotel, which features seven rooms and an all-day menu at the bistro. Meanwhile, Silverton Outback Camels offer one-hour camel rides taking in the scenery and sights of Silverton, as well as charming farmstay accommodation. Other options include the local campground or a range of hotels, self-contained houses and more in nearby Broken Hill. 

Getting there  

Silverton is a 13-hour drive from Sydney, 11 hours from Canberra, nine hours from Melbourne and just under six from Adelaide. You can fly into Broken Hill and hire a car for the 25-minute drive. You may need a 4WD for unsealed roads and national parks.  

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