Mrs York's Garden


Mrs York's Garden is a beautiful headland Garden overlooking the river mouth, recreated since 2015 by the Friends of Mrs York's Garden.

The area has been transformed into a place of natural beauty using native littoral rainforest and coastal headland species, as well as providing safe and attractive facilities for the local community and visitors to enjoy. Its a place for admiring your native species, for exercise, recreation and solace.

The stunning boat-themed picnic shelter is the best spot in town for a cuppa, with views in all directions to the pristine coastline and the passing whale pods.

A stroll along the recently completed Mrs York's Walk takes the visitor from the town centre, through the waterfall area, over the boardwalk and through the bushland corridor to connect to the Coastal Walk at Town Beach or to following the pathway to Gaol Point. Along the way there's a lot to discover, with surprises around every corner.

It truly is an area of natural beauty and unparalleled serenity right in the middle of town! Its one of their best kept secrets, so don't miss it!

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