Nature in Port Macquarie

Nature is all around you in the Port Macquarie region and should be an essential part of your next getaway. The area is known for its natural beauty, with two of Australia's largest trees guarding over its ancient rainforest. Spot koalas as you walk through the light-filled forest and arrive at ocean lookouts with stunning views.

Couple enjoying a walk through Burrawan State Forest at Herons Creek in Port Macquarie, North Coast

Forests and wildlife

Start your adventure on the Sea Acres Rainforest boardwalk in rare littoral rainforest just minutes from the lovely seaside town of Port Macquarie. The entry price to the 1.3km platform includes a guided tour and the rainforest is so close to the ocean you’ll hear birds singing and waves crashing onto the sand.

Queens Lake Nature Reserve is near North Haven and the old growth forest is home to a colony of koalas. The Koala Hospital releases rehabilitated koalas into this nature reserve, which is 30 minutes’ drive south of Port Macquarie. The still waters of the lake are popular for boating and fishing, too.

Discover natural attractions in the hinterland around Kendall and Wauchope. Visit the giant blackbutts Bird Tree and Benaroon to the south of Kendall and wind your way to Wauchope, the gateway to towering waterfalls and Willi Willi National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

Resident koala at Billabong Zoo in Port Macquarie, North Coast

Coastal walks

For sweeping views of the lake, inlet and beyond, visit the North Brother lookout in Dooragan National Park. You can either drive to the scenic summit or hike on the challenging 3km Laurieton track to the top. Take the Rainforest loop near the summit for a delightful walk to another lookout.

There are more breathtaking views along the Perpendicular Point walking track, in the Kattang Nature Reserve, or on the Diamond Head loop walk in the Crowdy Bay National Park, both top spots for a picnic. There are vantage along the trails for whale watching during the annual migration between May and November.

Sun setting over Town Beach, Port Macquarie, North Coast

On the water

The Hastings River meanders by Port Macquarie and the Camden Haven River winds by Laurieton and North Haven. A pod of bottlenose dolphins are often found frolicking in the beautiful estuaries. Enjoy wildlife river cruises, and wander on walking trails in World Heritage wilderness.

Endangered grey nurse sharks gather in large numbers to feed on the abundant fish around submerged pinnacles in the waters off Perpendicular Point and Diamond Head. You’ll find diving centres in Port Macquarie that offer tours of the Cod Grounds sanctuary, home to the protected black cod.


Port Macquarie Nature Attractions