Nature in Port Macquarie

For a thrilling adventure join one of the safe and experienced diving tours in the area, and explore the underwater world of endangered grey nurse sharks in Cod Grounds Commonwealth Marine Reserve. This protected area is in the Greater Port Macquarie region, only four hours’ drive north of Sydney. The marine reserve is a prime habitat for the sharks.

They often gather in large numbers around the submerged pinnacles, feeding on the fish. You’ll find diving centres in the city of Port Macquarie that offer tours in the sanctuary, home to the protected black cod. The beautiful villages of Laurieton and North Haven are near the marine reserve.

Port Macquarie Cruise Adventures boat taking visitors on a dolphin and whale watching tour near Port Macquarie

Nearby is the spectacular Perpendicular Point in Kattang Nature Reserve. West of Laurieton is Dooragan National Park, where you’ll find North Brother Mountain, a superb launching area for hang-gliding and paragliding with breathtaking views over the coast.

Inland, near Kendall, are two of the biggest blackbutt trees in NSW, Bird Tree and Benaroon, in the magnificent Middle Brother National Park. A short drive north is Wauchope, a great base for exploring nearby World Heritage rainforest, including the Botanic walk.

Sea Acres National Park, Port Macquarie

Along the coast are more exhilarating walks, including Diamond Head loop walk and Sea Acres Rainforest boardwalk, near Port Macquarie. While in the city visit the Koala Hospital and give cheery hello to injured koalas and join the daily tour at 3pm. At Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park, watch the daily feeding of Shrek, a giant saltwater crocodile – the world’s largest living species of reptile.

Great Nature experiences in Port Macquarie Area

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