Goanna Headland


In the mythology of Bundjalung Nation, the Dirawong (a goanna) is the Creator Being that taught the people various aspects of Aboriginal cultural and customs. Goanna Headland, at Evans Head (one of the most easterly points on mainland Australia and the town where Queen Elizabeth II flew into during her Royal visit to Australia in 1954), is believed to be the body of the mythical Dirawong.

Goanna Headland has been the mythological place of origin of the Bundjalung Nation for thousands of years. The Australian Aboriginal tribal groups of the Bundjalung Nation call it "The Dirawong". Within its landscape are many sacred, secret and ceremonial sites. To date some 24 archaeological sites have been located on Goanna Headland to the south of Evans Head Village.

Enjoy this peaceful environment and stunning views or venture along the walking track through the heath following the coastline.

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