Beaches in Forster and Taree

The Barrington Coast boasts some of the most beautiful, underrated beaches in all of Australia, from family-friendly patrolled stretches of sand, to pounding ocean breaks loved by surfers. With more than 40km of sun-kissed coastline, it’s the ideal place for a beach holiday, staying at laidback seaside towns that are home to restaurants, bars and family attractions.

The Tanks at Pebbly Beach, Forster

Lay down your towel

At the entrance of Wallis Lake, Forster’s Main Beach stretches from the Forster Breakwall to the Forster Ocean Baths. Sheltered by Bennetts Head, this beach is also the starting point for the Bicentennial Walk, which leads to One Mile Beach. A short walk is Pebbly Beach, a popular location for snorkelling.

Boomerang Beach at Pacific Palms in Forster & Taree, North Coast

Driving south from Forster along Booti Booti National Park peninsula, you’ll pass many gorgeous beaches including:

Kangaroos at Diamond Head Beach in Diamond Head, Forster & Taree

Further north, where the Manning River enters the sea at Old Bar and Hallidays Point, there are also many beautiful beaches, including the 6km Diamond Beach, ideal for surfing, fishing and even riding horses. In Crowdy Bay National Park,at the northern edge of the Barrington Coast, you’ll even find curious kangaroos enjoying the sand at Diamond Head Beach.

Dolphins Swimming at Bennetts Beac in Tea Gardens,  Forster & Taree Area

Surf’s up

Forster’s coastline also encompasses some of the most beautiful, quiet and varied surf locations in northern NSW. When the swell is large, head to the rock reef break known as Haydon's Rock, located at the southern end of Forster’s Main Beach.

Elizabeth Beach at Pacific Palms in Forster & Taree - North Coast

At Burgess Beach, you'll enjoy great body surfing when the conditions are right. Nine Mile Beach at Tuncurry has spots with great waves most of the time, and Boomerang Beach and Blueys at Pacific Palms are also well-known surf beaches. Please be attentive to all beach safety information and flags.

NSW Beach Safety

Enjoy NSW beaches by following these safety tips

Always swim between the red and yellow flags; surf lifesavers have identified this area as the safest spot to swim in the water. It's also a good idea to always swim with a friend.

Pay attention to the advice of the lifesavers and safety signs. Visit SharkSmart to understand any potential risks in the area you are swimming. You are always welcome to ask lifeguards for more safety advice. If you find yourself needing help in the water, stay calm and attract attention. Check conditions before you go. You can also find patrolled beach by visiting

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