Yamba Barbecue Boat Hire


Yamba Barbecue Boat Hire are fun for everyone! Whether it's fishing, exploring, or just wanting a relaxing day out. A great way to spend time with family and friends, an excellent idea for get-togethers, parties or special occasions.

Grab the barbie meat, or fresh seafood from the local Co-op, or 'catch your own and cook afloat' and have yourself a great day out on a barbecue boat on the pristine waterways of Yamba and Iluka. They offer three spacious barbecue boats, a Deluxe Boat which holds 12 persons, the second a Standard Boat which also holds 12, and a third barbecue boat which holds eight, none of which require a licence.

The Clarence River is a living link between rugged highlands of the upper Clarence and golden beaches that fringe the sparkling Pacific. It winds through deep ravines, broad plains, ancient forests, lush farmland, sleepy villages, and 100 charted islands.

Their boats are dressed in vinyl wraps each with a different theme.

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