Bare Point


A short walk – or drive – from Digger’s Camp takes you to the northern end of Wilson’s Headland, and the Boorkoom campground (which has just 10 clifftop campsites).

This is the perfect place to set out for a walk along winding boardwalks to Bare Point.

Bare seems an unfair name for this striking northern extremity of Wilsons Headland, dotted as it is with vantage points to watch the ocean smashing into the jagged rocks below, or being at eye level with sea eagles going about their melodramatic soaring, and let’s not get started on the whale-watching.

Sure, you’re not likely to go swimming or surfing off Bare Point any time soon, and granted, the vegetation gets a bit sparse right out on the point, but it’s beautiful and elemental, and you’re more than likely to have it all to yourself.

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