Hidden Treasure picnic area

All paths in Copeland Tops lead from Hidden Treasure picnic area. This lovely picnic spot, in a red cedar and dry rainforest setting, is situated at the main entrance of the park and is the access point to Basin Loop and Hidden Treasure tracks as well as being the meeting point for guided tours through historic Mountain Maid gold mine.

Enjoy a barbecue or picnic before or after exploring the park. Or just relax for the day and make the most of this picnic area. Keep your binoculars handy for birds such as wompoo fruit-doves and glossy black-cockatoos. Listen out for the rare stuttering frog and look up for koalas munching leaves or dozing in the eucalypts. Animals such as spotted-tailed quolls, brush-tailed phascogale and numerous types of microbats are most likely to be seen at dusk and after dark.

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