Big River Drive


If you’re hiking or driving along Big River drive, you’ll get a feel for this wonderful national park. The route meanders through forest and woodland and is a short extension to the Spring Gully drive which begins at the small town of Wollar. Keep your eyes peeled because chances are you’ll spot a red-neck wallaby bounding through the trees or a goanna soaking up the sun on the road.

If you’re into native Australian plants, you won’t be disappointed hiking along this track. Numerous species of eucalypts can be found here, like angophoras and callitris, while banksias and yellow paper daisies will vie for your eye’s attention.

By the time you arrive at Big River campground, you’ll no doubt want to relax and refuel. Pull on your swimmers and go for a dip, or strike up a barbecue, sit back and start planning your next day’s adventure.

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