Platypus Picnic Area


Not far from the popular Dandahra picnic area, Platypus Picnic Area is a quieter alternative for travellers on the Gwydir Highway who want to get a sense of Gibraltar Range National Park without driving too far off the road.

A good pit stop for a leisurely lunch, Platypus picnic area allows you to see wildflowers in spring like the famous Gibraltar waratah. Native birds roost in the trees overhead, making this a tidy spot for birdwatching too. Plus, it isn’t called Platypus for nothing: you might glimpse one of these elusive creatures swimming in Little Dandahra Creek.

Platypus picnic area has wood barbecues and plenty of table space – all the basics for an enjoyable afternoon. But if this small taste of the park has you intrigued, try the short hike to Anvil Rock, with superb scenic views over the surrounding area. Alternatively, pack the bicycle and hit the service trails.

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