Nature in the Katoomba Area

From waterfalls to wildlife, beautiful gardens to immense valleys of virgin bushland, some of the Blue Mountains most spectacular sights can be found in the area near Katoomba. Derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Kedumba’, Katoomba means “shiny, falling waters” – an apt description of a region rich in natural treasures.

Morning fog over Blue Mountains National Park as seen from Lincolns Rock in Wentworth Falls.

Dramatic landscapes

Start your exploration at the Blue Mountains’ most iconic landmark – the Three Sisters, best admired from Echo Point Lookout. Legend has it that three sisters – Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo – were turned to stone by an overprotective witchdoctor, who was killed in battle before he could overturn the spell. The weathered sandstone peaks now stand silent sentinel, gazing over the Jameson Valley for all eternity.

Equally impressive is the vast Grose Valley, best admired from Govetts Leap Lookout at Blackheath; while other scenic lookouts such as Sublime Point have their own epic tales to tell.

Couple enjoying a scenic walk along the Grand Canyon Walking Track, Blackheath in the Blue Mountains

Tumbling waters

A series of ethereal waterfalls tumble over the rugged sandstone escarpment of the Blue Mountains Plateau, carving the valley below and creating a wondrous sight for visitors to the region. Make your way along the following trails to observe them in all their veil-like majesty:

Mountain trails

Experience nature at a faster pace by mountain biking along one of the many trails that weave their way through the Blue Mountains National Park. Take on Andersons Fire Trail and pass through unspoilt bushland and along sections of challenging terrain such as loose gravel and steep inclines.

The Scenic Skyway cabin passes over the Jamison Valley, Katoomba in the Blue Mountains

High adventures

If you like a challenge, The Blue Mountains Adventure Company and High N Wild Australian Adventures have got you covered with tours that will have you abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning and bushwalking in stunning natural wilderness.

Scenic World at Katoomba is a four-in-one natural attraction, with the incredible scenery of the Jameson Valley enjoyed from above and below the treeline. Soar over the void on the Scenic Skyway; ride to the valley floor on the world’s steepest railway or the Scenic Cableway; then stroll silently through the Jurassic rainforest on the Scenic Walkway. 

 Couple enjoying a visit to the scenic Everglades Historic House and Gardens, Leura in the Blue Mountains

Seasonal colour

Cool-climate gardens come alive during Spring and Autumn, showcasing colourful blooms and flower beds. Stop by Everglades Historic House and Gardens at Leura and explore its winding paths, or marvel at vivid rhododendron blossoms at Campbell Rhododendron Garden at Blackheath.