The top hot springs & thermal pools in NSW

For thousands of years, people have known the power of bathing in natural hot springs. The mineral-rich waters of these thermal pools can soothe the body and mind. Here are the best places to take the plunge in NSW.

Destination NSW

Destination NSW

Apr 2024 -
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Lightning Ridge Bore Baths

The town of Lightning Ridge sits above the Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest underground freshwater reservoirs in the world. The water is up to two million years old and naturally heated to between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. At the town’s hot spring baths, soak in the large circular pool filled with water that stays at a constant 41.5 degrees and contains minerals that can soothe aching muscles. 

A woman steps into the steaming water at the Lightning Ridge Bore Baths, Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge Bore Baths, Lightning Ridge

Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool

Tucked into a picturesque valley in the Snowy Mountains is the sparkling Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool. At 20 metres long and 2.5 metres deep, there’s plenty of room to stretch out in the naturally mineralised water that’s a comfortable 27 degrees all year round. It’s particularly magical in winter, when you can relax in the thermal pool’s warm water while snow blankets the ground around you.

Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool, Kosciuszko National Park - Credit: Boen Ferguson, DPE

Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool, Kosciuszko National Park - Credit: Boen Ferguson, DPE

Burren Junction Bore Baths

Another spot fed by the hot springs of the Great Artesian Basin, the remote Burren Junction Bore Baths are just off the highway between Walgett and Narrabri. The large circular baths are filled with water at 36 degrees Celsius and open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy a midnight swim under the star-filled outback sky. 

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

People have been bathing in the therapeutic waters of Moree’s hot springs since the late 19th century, though today you can do it in style. The stylish $7 million Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre harnesses the natural 41-degree mineral waters in multiple outdoor and indoor pools, and there’s even a waterslide for kids. For even more indulgence, book a treatment at the on-site Moree Artesian Wellness and Day Spa then use the private baths, massage beds with underwater jets, sauna and cold plunge.

Japanese Bath House

The only traditional onsen in NSW, the Japanese Bath House uses the natural hot springs of the Blue Mountains to create an authentic ritual bathing experience. There are multiple indoor and outdoor onsens for private and group bathing, all with sweeping views of the gorgeous mountain scenery. Spending time in the hot, mineral-rich waters is said to promote ikigai – ‘finding happiness through the pursuit of your reason for being’. You can also enjoy a massage or facial and even spend the night in Japanese-style accommodation.

Private pool at the Japanese Bath House, Lithgow

Japanese Bath House, Lithgow - Credit: Japanese Bath House

Pilliga Artesian Bore Baths

An oasis in the middle of rolling scrubland, the Pilliga Artesian Bore Baths are fed by a natural hot spring drawing from the mineralised waters of the Great Artesian Basin. The baths are popular with locals and visitors alike, and are a top spot to watch the famous Pilliga sunsets.

Outdoor baths at Pilliga Bore Baths, Pilliga

Pilliga Artesian Bore Baths, Pilliga - Credit: Pilliga Bore Baths

Great Artesian Bore Baths Goodooga

The tiny village of Goodooga is north of Lightning Ridge, close to the Queensland border, and has a tranquil pool fed by a hot spring on its outskirts. The water is a constant 40 degrees Celsius and rich with therapeutic minerals. The bath is fully wheelchair accessible, with a wheelchair ramp and a gently sloping entry for people with access needs.

Sunset at Great Artesian Bore Baths Goodooga, Goodooga

Great Artesian Bore Baths Goodooga, Goodooga - Credit: Brewarrina Shire Council

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