Snorkel and Dive Safari Swansea


Snorkel Safari Swansea is the newest store in the Snorkel Safari group. Located less than 100 metres from Swansea Bridge, the Swansea store is literally on the doorstep of one of New South Wales’s best shore dives. The bridge structure has created a significant and important artificial reef that attracts an abundance of marine life.

Apart from still water diving under the bridge itself, drift diving in Swansea Channel is an exciting alternative and can be planned prior to a still water dive making the location a popular destination for a double shore dive.

Snorkel Safari Swansea offers a full range of the world's leading brand of diving equipment as well as snorkelling, freediving and spearfishing equipment. Services for divers also includes a full range of RAID dive courses, clean air fills, equipment rental, equipment servicing and both local and international dive travel.

Their staff are passionate divers and have a wealth of experience diving not only Swansea Channel but also many of the local sites stretching from Catherine Hill Bay through to Nelson Bay.

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