Dolphin Swim Australia

Dolphin Swim Australia remains the only permitted wild dolphin swim in NSW, licensed by the Marine Park Authority to operate in the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park. The wild dolphin swim occurs offshore with qualified dive masters who are trained to take you through the most amazing experience of your life with either short-beaked common dolphins, or oceanic bottlenose dolphins.

This unique wild dolphin swim is a breakthrough in dolphin/human interaction. Relying on the dolphins' amazing intelligence and inherent interest in the human animal, you can share an open water, in-water wild dolphin experience like no other!

Each program includes training with a professional and dedicated team, all necessary equipment (wetsuit, mask, snorkel and safety harness), an educational commentary, a four hour cruise aboard a beautiful 52 foot catamaran, a light breakfast and photos taken throughout the morning which are later posted on Facebook and available for you to share.