Cooradigbee Fossil Tours


Imagine the world millions of years ago, when the country you are so familiar with was a seabed and the animals that lived here so different to what you know now.

Why not take a pre-arranged fossil tour in the picturesque Wee Jasper Valley. No collecting is permitted. The Wee Jasper Valley is basically an ancient seascape around 400 million years old. The stratigraphy exposed covers a 10 to 12 million year time span, exposing rich coral reefs, algae and fish remnants.

From the lofty picnic spot atop the Cooradigbee main range, which rises like a giant fossilised wave almost 400 metres vertically from the valley below, you can just make out a pelican gliding in to land on the water. At eye level, wedge-tailed eagles circle over the escarpment looking for their own meal. This view into the valley is captivating.

Tours are by appointment only. Please phone to make an appointment.

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