Poachers Way


The Poachers Pantry

Located on a farm in the beautiful countryside around Hall, 25 minutes' drive from Canberra, the Poachers Pantry is home to a cafe-restaurant, a winery and smokehouse producing an array of gourmet smoked meats. The Poachers Pantry is just one of the many delights along the Poacher's Way.

Gourmands have been enjoying the fine food and wine along the Poachers Way for some time. This meandering trail is based around the towns of Gundaroo, Hall, YassMurrumbateman and Bungedore near Canberra. It takes you through some of the prettiest country in NSW including the cool-climate wine growing region around Canberra known as the Canberra wine district.

Shaw Vineyard Estate, Capital Country

With a little planning, you're guaranteed to find somewhere beautiful to stay the night, indulge in regional produce and partake in some exciting activities. Wander through an artists studio, taste the finest local wines, take a horse ride up into the hills or stock up on handcrafted chocolates and other produce - you'll feel relaxed at the end of each day's drive.

You'll be able to meet the dedicated local producers over a pizza and wine tasting. At The Poachers Pantry where it all stared you can dine on Smokehouse platters featuring smoked meats, marinated vegetables, dips and breads, or smoked sea fare and a cheese platter.

Avoid driving tired and reach your destination

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When driving, always consider how tired you are - fatigue is one of the top three contributors to Australia's road toll.

Ensure you have had enough sleep before your trip and share the driving wherever possible. When driving on Australian roads take advantage of the many 'rest areas' available, regardless of whether it's a long-distance or short-distance trip.

Easily locate rest areas and plan your rest breaks for your next journey by visiting www.rms.nsw.gov.au