Trip Planning Tips

It's important to reserve your cabin or campsite well in advance for your next getaway, particularly if you’re travelling during NSW school holidays. Holiday parks are a popular choice for families as they often include amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds for the kids.

When booking a cabin or campsite, don't forget to specify whether you have any special requests such as an accessible cabin or powered campsite. Committed nomads should also compile a checklist of camping gear: sleeping bags, pillows and airbeds are all good options to think about when camping. 

Children enjoying a day swimming in the Hawkesbury River by Leetsvale Caravan Park in Leets Vale, Hawkesbury Valley

Parents with children in tow should ensure there is plenty to keep the kids happy while on the road. Pack snacks and water, appropriate clothing, toiletries and medication you might need, and toys such as scooters to help tiny tots get from A to B. Don’t forget to pack chargers if you are taking electronic devices.

Caravan Towing Tips

If you’re towing a caravan, make sure you have everything in place to ensure a smooth journey. Flick through your car's owner's manual to check the towing capacity of your vehicle and study the NSW towing guide, too. If your car is not strong enough to tow the weight of a caravan or trailer, you can hire one for your holiday.

Family enjoying the morning sun and mist on the Hawkesbury River at Percy's Place Caravan Park in Pitt Town, Hawkesbury Valley

Read up on road safety and be mindful of your vehicle's extra length when overtaking and entering traffic. Always make sure you have plenty of room in front and behind to manoeuvre. The same applies for parking, as reversing can be especially tricky with a trailer attached to your vehicle.

You must also consider the swaying of your caravan or camper trailer when on the road. Your driving may be affected by crosswinds from larger vehicles or high-wind areas because of the vehicle's additional weight. Combat this by installing a weight distribution hitch to even out the load distribution.

Travelling With Children

Camping can be extremely fun and rewarding -- especially if you have a sense of adventure. When planning a successful road trip in a caravan you must allow for frequent stops, establish a daily routine and involve your kids in the itinerary. Visit the Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW for more information.

A campervan driving on the Sea Cliff Bridge, near Clifton

Travelling With Your Pet

There are many pet-friendly holiday parks designed to accommodate that furry member of your family. Before setting off, double check any restrictions with the holiday park you intend to visit. Visit the CCIA’s Take Your Pets page to make sure you have all information you need to know.