7 Reasons To Visit Long Jetty: The Central Coast’s Hippest Destination

3 October 2019

Street art welcoming visitors to Long Jetty on the Central Coast

Street art welcoming visitors to Long Jetty on the Central Coast


A weekend away to the Central Coast uncovers a culture of cool as the once sleepy town of Long Jetty is reawakened boho-style. Once a bit of a rough diamond, the Central Coast town of Long Jetty has been quietly gaining a following as an enclave of cool in the region. A new generation of Sydney escapees and returning locals have homed in on the town’s raw potential and are setting up shop.

Dubbed the ‘Newtown of the Central Coast’, Long Jetty has an appealing city-like style that merges a little grit with plenty of polish, all set against the backdrop of a pretty lake and the ocean. Its cool eateries, chic boutiques and sleek bars have made the town a destination in itself.

Here are seven reasons why you should pay a visit.

The Glass Onion Society

A gallery, cafe and local music venue combined, The Glass Onion Society is a beacon of eclectic cool and, it’s fair to say, played a big part in kickstarting the town’s revival. It’s all about good food and great coffee here, with a side serve of creativity. Come for breakfast, stay for lunch and soak up the laid-back Long Jetty atmosphere.

The Green Tangerine

Follow the scent of freshly baked bread to this locals’ haunt. Sit, sip and dip a beautifully buttery croissant in your latte as you watch the world pass by at a very relaxed pace. And, of course, don’t leave without a sourdough loaf and a little treat for later.

Hernando’s Hideaway Mexican Kitchen

Every coastal town worth its sea salt needs a local Mexican joint, and Long Jetty has a great example. Hernando’s Hideaway is fresh and fun with the right amount of Mexican kitsch to set the mood. Plus, it’s one of few places in Long Jetty open for dinner.

Friends enjoying beverages at the cinema-themed Savoy Bar in Long Jetty.

Friends enjoying beverages at the cinema-themed Savoy Bar in Long Jetty.

The Savoy

Once the Central Coast’s biggest cinema, The Savoy has been reborn as a bar and restaurant after 40 years of disuse. The building still has all its retro 1950s styling, revived with a liberal dousing of contemporary sheen. Come for craft beers, natural wines and good pizza, and stay for live music and perhaps a cocktail or two. The projector still purrs into action every Tuesday and Wednesday for movie night.

Grant Molony Gallery

Drop in to local artist Grant Molony‘s gallery and you may even catch a work in progress in the studio. From his portraits (including pets) to his murals and photography, Molony’s work is deft and detailed and his style has a nice coastal edge. The gallery has become a hub for the coast’s arts community, with local artists regularly exhibiting here.

Tiny Folk Co

If you have a tiny love of your life, make a beeline for this delightfully curated children’s store to pick up everything from bed linen to clothes and toys, as well as clothing for mums-to-be. Everything comes in soothing neutral tones with a sweet, natural aesthetic.

Shadow Bang Apothecary and Supply

Pop in to this adorable A-frame cottage for a head-to-toe holiday overhaul, Long Jetty style. Shadow Bang sells a carefully chosen range of clothes and accessories (all very coastal cool), as well as essential oils and natural body-care products. You’ll also find herbal teas and apothecary blends of tonic herbs to add to an overall sense of beachside wellbeing.


For more information on planning your trip to Long Jetty, head to VisitNSW.com