PLONK – Mudgee – Episode 4

11 February 2014

mudgee wineries

Kicking off their shoot above beautiful Mudgee in a Balloon Aloft hot air balloon, team Plonk then decide to delve deeper into the world of NSW wine by attending a wine appreciation night held by local winemaker David Lowe. To everyone’s surprise Josh has the most amazing palate, beating out all the local winemakers in the competition, along with a furious Chris.

Consumed with jealousy, Chris challenges Josh to a rematch enlisting the help of local eccentric Johnny Furlong aka ‘The Singing Winemaker’ to beef up his wine knowledge. Josh, basking in his new found success as a wine expert, now has a girlfriend. Funky food blogger Zindzi, who has a few ideas of her own to revamp the Plonk brand and local winemaker Peter Logan becomes an unwitting victim of her styling.  

Furlong and Chris decide to rig the rematch in order to humiliate Josh. A tactic that works, putting a cocky Josh back in his place and sending Zindzi into the arms of another – Chris.

Mudgee locations featured:

Balloon Aloft
Balloon Aloft has been offering passenger balloon flights from some of Australia’s most beautiful destinations for over 30 years. Continuing that tradition, Balloon Aloft has expanded operations to include occasional scheduled flights from the Mudgee regions.

Lowe Wines
A small to medium sized winegrower based in Mudgee in an idyllic setting, with views over the vineyards, out across the Mudgee valley.  A certified organic facility, it specialises in small batch winemaking using innovative techniques. Lowe Wines are leading the field with practical sustainable management in their vineyards and farm.

Small Winemakers’ Centre
Located in the Mudgee wine region, the Small Winemakers Centre has over fifty wines available from ten Mudgee wineries.  Visit and taste some award winning wine in not available direct to the public; a fantastic selection of family owned, boutique wines. There is also an art gallery, local gourmet condiments and spices, as well as locally produced wool products available.

Logan Wines
Logan is a family owned and operated boutique wine producer from the NSW Central Ranges – including Orange and Mudgee. Produced under three different labels, Logan Wines highlight the diverse and unique styles of the region. The readers of Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine judged the Logan Tasting Room the Best Cellar Door Experience in their 2012 Travel Awards.

Furlong Wines
Operating since 1979, Furlong Wines and introduced their new wine label “Two Furlongs” in 2003, producing premium, award-winning wines. The fruit comes from a 35 year old, unirrigated vineyard in the Stoney Creek region of Mudgee. Two Furlongs Wines are available for tasting and purchase at the Small Winemakers Centre on Henry Lawson Road in Mudgee.