Insiders’ Secrets – Craig Wealands

15 February 2016

Craig Wealands, Insiders' Secrets

Craig Wealands, Insiders’ Secrets



Summertime fun: To beat the heat over the summer days in Wagga Wagga, my partner and I take our three dogs down to Wiradjuri Beach (just three minutes from the Wagga CBD) beer in one hand, slobbered ball in the other, satisfaction all round.

Family fun: We recently had our first child, so when I can I have coffee dates with my family at The Blessed Bean, a cafe and roastery in town. The owners are passionate about what they do and it shows in their produce.

Local lifestyle: Last year we bought a house on five acres, just 10 minutes from Wagga. We are slowly developing some of the land to grow produce for Thirsty Crow’s kitchen. There are not many places to have this lifestyle opportunity so close to a city.

Festival date: Beers & Gears is a recent addition to Wagga’s festival scene. Held on the first Sunday in October, it involves a bike ride around Wagga, which then transitions into a Craft Beer festival once the cyclists return.

Best meat: Since I was a young boy I’ve always loved going to Knights Meats. It continues to be one of the best butcheries in Australia. BBQs at home are five star because of Knights Meats and their support of locally-raised produce.

Best fun with friends: A friend I have made since moving back to Wagga is one of the leading croquet players in the world. In the late afternoon over the warmer months you’ll find us with esky and mallet in tow for a social hit of golf-croquet.

Best beer: I’m a competitive type of guy and I talk a big game – so a couple of pints of craft beer at Thirsty Crow and ping pong with friends is always a fun option.

The great outdoors: One of my mates has a tinnie that we use to get out on the Murrumbidgee to catch cod, yellow belly and plenty of snags. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon to enjoy Wagga’s landscape.

Best brekkie: BBQ breakfasts along the river are just about perfect. There are some great shaded grassy areas to enjoy greasy bacon while watching joggers, kayakers and the world pass by.

Best thing about living in Wagga: Being no more than a 4.5-hour drive from Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, Wagga is geographically in a great spot to get a quick fix of the big-smoke without spending the whole day travelling to a major city.