Lithgow Flash Gift Sports Festival

27 August 2013

Lithgow Flash Gift

It’s that time of year again: training gear is on and dreams of winning gold in the next Olympics are front of mind. If this sounds like you, then why not head to the Lithgow Flash Gift Sports Festival, held on Saturday November 30 at the Tony Luchetti Showground in Lithgow.

The name for the event comes from the nickname of Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, The Lithgow Flash, who put the small town on the map by winning two Olympic gold medals and seven medals in the Commonwealth Games. The event has now become a sports carnival that professional athletes participate in and have fun at the same time. There are junior and senior events you can sign up to on the day. Everyone is encouraged to enter, and one of the most popular events is the female sprint race which brings out plenty of fantastic competitors and cheering fans. So why not grab a friend or a family member and give it your best shot?!

Lithgow is only a couple of hours northwest of Sydney, just past the Blue Mountains. Making the most of your break and checking out some more of what Lithgow has to offer is an easy option once you’ve booked in your Lithgow accommodation and picked out a couple of your favourite things to do in Lithgow.

Make a weekend of enjoying the festival and touring around the area – you’re guaranteed to enjoy it!