Insiders’ Secrets – Jack Shick

15 February 2016

Jack Shick, Insiders' Secrets

Jack Shick, Insiders’ Secrets


On foot: My job is help people enjoy their hike and have loads of fun along the way. My guided Sea to Summit trip to the top of Mt Gower rates as one of Australia’s 20 best one day hikes.

Into the deep: Scuba diving on Lord Howe is truly amazing. The coral reefs here are the most southerly, and among the most spectacular, in the world and there are more than 60 dive sites, most located just a short boat ride (10-20 minutes) from shore. The island’s most spectacular dive is Balls Pyramid – the world’s tallest sea stack, located 26km away.

Lord Howe from above: Hang gliding and gliding are great ways to see the island stretch out below, with all those bays and beaches, the twin mountains in the distance and everywhere deep blue sea.

Fly like a kite: We’re lucky to have some amazing kite surfing locations where you can try both flat and surf water kiteboarding. Keen boarders head to the lagoon or Ned’s Beach to glide through unspoiled waters and admire the surroundings.

Best snorkelling: The island’s clear waters and amazing marine life make snorkelling here a real treat. It could spoil you for snorkelling anywhere else! Best spots where you can just walk off the beach are the lagoon, North Bay and Old Settlement Beach.

Favourite job: When I take people fishing on my boat “Noctiluca”, most people say they’d love to have my job. They say “that’s not work”. There are dozens of hot spots for hooking into monster pelagics such as Lord Howe kingfish, yellowfin tuna and wahoo. And there’s a virtually untouched game fishery featuring black, blue and striped marlin, just half an hour from the jetty.

Top waves: Blinky Beach on the eastern side of the island has ‘champagne surf’, a clean break that’s never crowded, ever. Ned’s can also offer great surf in the right conditions. Hire a board on the island or bring your own.

Nature’s bounty: I live on one of the best bird-watching locations anywhere. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds breed here so you’ll always see birds. From Malabar Cliffs, you can see red-tailed tropic birds or walk the Little Island Track between March and November to watch the spectacular aerial courtship displays by the winter breeding providence petrel.

Capturing Lord Howe: With so many perfect views, sunset and sunrise over water and whole days spent outdoors… Lord Howe really is a photographer’s paradise.