Wandandian Creek


Easily accessed from Wandandian Creek picnic area via a small platform, Wandandian Creek is a peaceful waterway that branches in three directions, giving a great deal of kayaking and canoeing options. Take a leisurely paddle and admire waterbirds in the casuarina trees – birdwatching is superb – or use the creek as a way to work up a sweat before relaxing over lunch at the quiet picnic area. The platform at the picnic area allows you to enter the creek without damaging the fragile bank, meaning this is a great place to enjoy nature while ensuring it remains pristine for future visits.
For the slightly more adventurous kayaker, Wandandian Creek can be followed right out to the open expanse of St Georges Basin, or followed upstream to beautiful rural scenery. It’s a good idea to consult a map before you set out to get a sense of all possibilities.

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