The 78-Storey Treehouse Nowra

Saturday 01 August 2020 (DAILY event)


Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre 2018 Season

The team behind The 13, 26 and 52-Storey Treehouses live on stage.

Andy and Terry’s treehouse just keeps on growing. With yet another 13 levels, it’s now got a Scribbletorium, a high-security potato chip storage facility (guarded by one very angry duck!) and even an open-air movie theatre.

Speaking of movies, your friends are going to be famous! The legendary Mr Big Shot has arrived to make a Hollywood blockbuster! But when his first step is to fire Andy and replace him with a monkey – well, a gibbon named Mel Gibbon – the battle is on. Will the Treehouse Blockbuster ever get made? Who will win the battle of Andy and Terry? And why are those mysterious spy cows turning up everywhere?

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