Shoalhaven Timber Festival

Saturday 06 October 2018

The Shoalhaven Timber Festival highlights the history of the timber industry and its valued past, present and future.

Festival goers will get to view some of the important parts of the timber history of the Shoalhaven. View photos and displays of the early Timber Getting Days dating back to the 1800’s. Historic information of the timber industry, past and present. Talk to representatives of the past and present building, timber and logging days.

View the many tools used in the late 1800′s and the 1900’s to cut and prepare timber for housing, fencing, wharves, boats and so much more. Take a stroll through the many woodwork and other handcrafted stalls, and watch wood chops and chain saw demonstrations. Discover the heritage of people and places from Milton Ulladulla, Shoalhaven on the South Coast. Take in a piece of Australian history.

Benn Gunn will be preforming at Shoalhaven Timber Festival. The laid back Aussie bloke with that sound and music, a good time for all.

There will be an animal nursery and pony rides for the kids, plus other fun rides and activities for the kids. Milton Show Society will be hosting an Arena Sorting event at the Timber Festival.

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