Snowies MTB Festival

Friday 05 February 2021 to Sunday 07 February 2021


In 2021 two new course options have been added including the 90 kilometre Brumby and 128 kilometre Wild Brumby.

The Wild Brumby | Six Stages | Three Days | 128 kilometres
The Wild Brumby is for riders ready to tackle the very best and toughest riding on offer in the Snowy Mountains.

This epic stage includes a new flowing, downhill trail being developed at Thredbo resort, the upper TVT, the Lake Crackenback resort trails and the newly opened Lower TVT, a technically challenging remote wilderness trail, where riders will discover more of the best technical riding found anywhere in Australia.

With the event hub at an altitude of 1,260 metres, The Wild Brumby includes six diverse stages covering 128 kilometres of rugged mountain terrain including over 90 per cent single track riding. It tests rider’s strength, speed, stamina, endurance and technical skills across constantly changing and varied terrain throughout the stages.

No need to pack up and move each day, riders can choose accommodation options ranging from camping to five star in the area; or even choose to stay right in the heart of the action at Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa or Thredbo Resort.

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