Corner Country Area

Stand on the very edge of NSW, at the place where three States meet and the Outback stretches beyond the horizon. In Corner Country, in the far northwest of the State, you’ll discover fascinating history, dramatic scenery, vast national parks, exhilarating drives and the tiny goldfield towns of Tibooburra and Milparinka.

A kangaroo among yellow wildflowers in Sturt National Park, Corner Country

National parks

Sturt National Park, named for colonial explorer Charles Sturt, takes in 3,500 square kilometres of rolling red sand dunes and mesas, teeming with wildlife. Expect to encounter wedge-tailed eagles, noisy flocks of corellas and red kangaroos. Self-drive tours of the park include the Gorge Loop Road and Jump-Up Loop Road.

In Mutawintji National Park, discover incredible Aboriginal history including well-preserved rock art dating back thousands of years. Spot wildlife on the scenic Byngnano Range Walk and then camp under the stars. In the Paroo-Darling National Park, tens of thousands of birds can be seen on the lakes.

If you have a well-equipped four-wheel drive, you can explore the area on a self-guided drive, or join a guided tour with a local operator. There are many sealed and unsealed roads that connect the Corner Country area with Broken Hill, passing a backdrop of sheep stations, creeks, sandhills and Cypress pines.

Tri State Safari's bus parked by an information sign in Sturt National Park

Outback heritage

Tibooburra and Milparinka were founded in the 1880s, when gold was discovered in the region. A number of historic buildings are still standing in both towns, including pubs, courthouses and police stations. Tibooburra is frequently named the State’s hottest town and temperatures approach 50 degrees Celsius in Summer.

Close to Tibooburra, Mount Wood Homestead offers a unique opportunity to experience the remote beauty of Sturt National Park from a comfortable base. The homestead is located on the oldest sheep station in northwest NSW and surrounded by a lovely bush garden that attracts red kangaroos.

Signposts display distances for other towns from Cameron Corner, where three States meet, in far western NSW

At Cameron Corner, 145km northwest of Tibooburra, you can stand at the intersection of three states: NSW, South Australia and Queensland. Here see the famous Dog Fence, which runs for over 5,000km and was built in the 1880s to keep dingos out of the fertile sheep country in the south.

Near Milparinka, a headstone marks the grave of James Poole, Captain Charles Sturt’s second in command on his ill-fated 1845 expedition in search of an inland sea. Sturt's Steps Touring Route follows the route taken from Broken Hill northward during the expedition.

Getting there and where to stay

Corner Country is a 16-hour drive from Sydney and Brisbane, 12 hours from Melbourne and 10 hours from Adelaide. Fly into Broken Hill and hire a car for the 3hr 30min drive. You may need a 4WD for unsealed roads and national parks. Accommodation includes pub rooms, homesteads, shearer’s quarters and campgrounds.

Things to Do and Places to Stay