Outback Astronomy


Hang out with the stars while in Broken Hill. Enjoy a personalised night sky show from the comfort of a reclined chair under the vast Outback sky. You'll be enchanted and amazed by this stargazing experience.

Designed for the novice, Sky Shows introduce you to famous stars, constellations, nebulae, and other objects during a virtual cruise across the Milky Way. You'll experience 60 minutes of naked eye and binocular-assisted viewing of the night sky with narration by a knowledgeable guide, on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Telescope viewing enhances the viewing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, extending the sky show to 90 minutes.

Visit their web site and on the Home Page click "View Sky Shows" to select an upcoming event, or click "View the Calendar" to select an event scheduled later in the year. These encounters with the night sky are suitable for persons aged six years and over.

A range of new sky shows and day time events are being introduced during 2019. Please contact Outback Astronomy directly for further information.

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