Byrrill Creek Walking Track


This short walk starts at Cutters Camp campground’s picnic area and passes through sub-tropical rainforest with an impressive stand of giant, ancient fig trees, all the way down to the peaceful and scenic Byrrill Creek.

Along the way, you’ll walk through three very different forest types, with a real change between each one. As you pass under the rainforest with its large fig trees, rainforest canopy, bangalow palms, and eucalypts, listen to the water gently trickling in the creek and the sounds of the diverse birds and insects that make their home here.

The walk is especially lovely and colourful in spring when the breeding plumage of many birds change colour and the walk is thick with the scent of the nectar from flowering trees and shrubs.

All year round, you can spot lace monitors and brush turkeys on the tracks. In spring and summer, keep an eye out for wrens at the creek’s edge and possibly even eastern yellow robins, pademelons, noisy pitas, logrunners, a variety of honeyeaters, doves, pigeons, and skinks.

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