Cambridge Plateau Scenic Drive


From Casino, Cambridge Plateau scenic drive is a comfortable drive along the ridge through scenic rainforest, offering fantastic views.

You may be sharing your enjoyable tour along Cambridge Plateau scenic drive with scurrying goannas, red-necked pademelons darting across the path, brush turkeys or carpet pythons basking by the roadside during warmer months. The road skirts along the ridge through Richmond Range National Park, overlooking steep slopes toward Richmond Valley below.

This 32 kilometre scenic stretch of well-maintained road is an easy drive that takes you through superb examples of World Heritage rainforest, drier landscapes of grass trees, tall eucalypt forest and open woodland before pulling into the Peacock Creek campsite.

The picnic area and camping spot await you whenever you’re ready to stretch your legs. Near a bend in Peacock Creek, a peaceful and picturesque clearing is available to park your tent or caravan before heading to the Cambridge Plateau picnic area to unwind.

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