Satinbird Stroll


Visitors looking for an easy introduction to Dorrigo’s wonderful rainforest systems can’t go past Satinbird stroll, near the popular The Glade picnic area. The rainforest’s abundance of plant species, vines, epiphytes and buttressed roots are easily visible from the 600 metre sealed trail, which can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers with a little assistance.

The stroll is named after the satin bowerbird renowned for its remarkable courtship ritual. Birdwatching is superb, so don’t forget to bring a pair of binoculars. You might be lucky enough to spot the stroll’s namesake or perhaps a migrating black-faced monarch between September and March.

To keep the legs moving, consider connecting the stroll to Walk with the Birds boardwalk, or if you’d prefer to relax, return to the picnic area for a long lunch in the warm afternoon sun.

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