Angourie to Brooms Head


If you’ve decided to hike the entire Yuraygir coastal walk north to south, Angourie to Brooms Head is the first section and begins in world famous Angourie Surfing Reserve.

Angourie to Brooms Head is a great place to start a northern NSW coastal day walk or multi-day hike. This hiking track takes you through a variety of coastal ecosystems – over Mara Creek where it flows out at Back Beach and to the shores of beautiful Lake Arragan, and past caves on the southern side of Shelley headland. Keep your eyes peeled for interpretive signs along the track, and learn about the importance of the area to the local Yaegl People.

Have your binoculars handy to catch a glimpse of migrating whales between June and October, and dolphins all year round. Also keep a sharp eye out on the land for the endangered coastal emu, of which there are now less than one hundred in the park.

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