Bluff Beach


Iluka's Bluff Beach is a glorious location and possibly Iluka’s most family-friendly beach zone, simply for the quality of its amenities. The picnic area has a whale watching platform that offers 360 degree views along the coast and inland over the treetops of the World Heritage Listed Iluka Nature Reserve Rainforest.

The southern end has a large car park and is patrolled by lifeguards during the summer holidays. It’s nicely sheltered from the southerly elements of wind and waves, though is a little less comfortable when the north easterly springs up.

Bluff Beach offers car parking, picnic tables, toilets, information displays and access to the Rainforest walk. The 2.5 kilometre walking track will guide you through the diverse ecosystem of the largest remaining stand of Littoral rainforest in New South Wales. (‘Littoral’ is just a fancy name for ‘Coastal’, by the way.)

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