Washpools campground


Washpools campground is Towarris established camping area. Park your caravan or pitch your tent beside Middle Brook and enjoy spending time relaxing in this gorgeous natural setting. The viewing platform for scenic views is close by, and Washpools waterhole is only 500 metres away. For those who want to explore the park further, use the campground as a base and hike the park from there. Enjoy a campfire in the winter months.

Staying overnight in Towarri means you might spot birds and animals that are generally out after the sun sets. The powerful owl will be hunting medium-sized tree-dwelling creatures after dark. The ringtail and brushy tail possums are nocturnal, travelling up through the air between branches (sometimes to escape those owls). Wombats tend to take to wandering when the sun has disappeared from the sky. So strap on a headlamp and see what else is near your camp.

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